Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare 5.3

Doggie Daycare is a fun game where you will be managing a dog care center
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Doggie Daycare is a wonderful management game. In this game, you will be helping aunt Marian by managing her Doggie Daycare center; you will take care of the dogs that come to the center, as aunt Marian has had a heart attack recently and she must relax. You will be feeding dogs, playing with them, training them and performing many other tasks to take care about them. Bill will be your assistant, he will help you in these tasks so that you can make things faster. Bill will do the shopping and managing the budget of the pet center.
This game is perfect for all pet lovers. It will lead you into thinking that you actually have a dog and you are trying to take care of it throughout all the daytime. The game will also help you to know some valuable information about dogs and how to treat them best. The game fits players of different ages, even those teenage players who have never had pets of their own.
The main limitation of this game is that its trial version works for only 60 minutes, and you will not be able to play it free afterwards until you register your copy. Still, captivating lessons in responsibility are worth the money.

Marian Zaky
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  • Colorful and interesting
  • Fosters responsibility


  • The trial version only works for 60 minutes
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